Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Princess is Growing (Northern Virginia Photographer, Northern Virginia Baby Photographer, Northern Virginia Family Photographer)

Well, this little princess is now on her 6 month.  So adorable.  She loves her mommy too.  I just love it when babies look up at there moms' and smile so big. 
It is funny when I took the newborn pictures this little joy didn't want to sleep but when I took these last pictures, that is what she wanted to do. 
She was so cute and snuggly.  I miss little baby hugs but she gave me a few little snuggles here and there. 

Hee, hee!  I love this picture.  She is like "please, no more pictures".  When I see pictures like these, I just want to pick up the sweet angels.  They melt my heart. 


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Leilani Photography is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!