Friday, May 13, 2011

Maternity Portraits (Northern Virginia Photographer)

This was just so fun and so beautiful.  I think being pregnant is such a glorious experience and I love that it is celebrated and what do we do with celebrations?  Photograph them to have the memories for generations. 
I just love how reflective this picture is. 
 I wanted to give a vintage feel to this picture.  I also love the glow of this, just like a mother to be is glowing. 

As I was getting ready for the photo session, I was letting my creative juices flow, trying to think of what I could do a special and unique.  My mind wondered off onto a picture I have seen many times but couldn't quite remember exactly what it looked like.  I took the picture and thought I would research the painting after the session.  So, here is what I came up with.  It was inspired by "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

Here is The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.
 Here is a cute snuggly picture.

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Anonymous said...

You did good, girl, real good.