Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Had to Look Away!! (Northern Virginia Family Photographer, Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer, Battlefied High School)

I finally got the opportunity to photograph in one of my favorite locations this year.  This location is tricky, there have been a few times I have gone there just to find it closed.  I have even sent e-mail requests to make sure it was open only to find special events happening there. 
Well, this time everything worked out!  I think the pictures turned out great!
It was such a pleasure working with this family.  I love their light hearted spirit and there humor.  They even humored me by listening to my lame jokes. 
At the end of the session these adventurous children decided to climb the wales of this old building.  At first I was in awe and even got a couple of pictures and then I just had to look away!  I am TERRIFIED of heights and watching them climb higher and higher hanging onto hardly anything made me a little anxious.  I had to politely say goodbye and LOOK AWAY! 
Good report though, everyone was fine and dandy and even returned again to climb some more.


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