Monday, July 30, 2012

Kaleigh's High School Senior Portraits (Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer, Northern Virginia Model Photographer, Northern Virginia Photographer)

Oh, I had way too much fun taking these pictures! 
The problem now is there are so many great pictures, how do you decide which one to use? 
We broke so many rules.  I had Kaleigh climbing on couches and chairs with her shoes on!  She climb in the window.  My son was quick to point out that he isn't even allowed to stand in the window.  We also played on railroad tracks and I am not lying when I say there was railroad workers driving their truck on the tracks and we had to leap off the tracks.  That was a little challenge when you have a camera, a chair, and a young lady wearing wedges trying to dash off the tracks. 
I love these things though because they make great stories later in life. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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