Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Peanut (Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer, Northern Virginia Baby Photographer)

Ok, he obviously isn't a little peanut but he just so little and cute, you can't help but to call him a little peanut in the most endearing voice ever!  I think this is tiniest baby I have ever photographed.  Oh, he was just so wonderful!  He had so much dark hair and beautiful eyelashes.  Then he just slept so good.  I know I say this all the time but I just could've just held him all day long.....well until it was feeding time and then I'm afraid I couldn't help much but until then, oh, he was just so snuggly. 
Just look at him....

I love sock monkeys.  They are so classic.  It makes this little guy seem so big but check out the next picture and you can really see how cute and small he is.

Just look at this little munchkin!  He fit inside an adult baseball glove!  I just love it!

Oh I love the colors here.  As you can see, I have yet another fun sock monkey but this one has a little spunk to it.  :) 
Also, I love the quirky little hat, it makes the picture so bright and lively.  I have a fabulously talented friend who gave me the pattern for this hat.  You can check out the hats she makes at her etsy shop

  What a little sweetheart don't you think?

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